Friday, December 16, 2011

My hunting rewards from Malaysia!

This Wednesday, I took a day off from work and went to Malaysia with 3 of my friends. Malaysia is very near Singapore, you can reach with a bus in less than an hour. The last time I went Malaysia shopping was 2 years ago and I don't find any excitement to shop there because the price is quite comparable to Singapore.

One of my friend in the group told me that Malaysia has a new shopping paradise which is offically opened last week and is known for it's great discounts all year round, so since I am looking for some new clothes, I  decided to go with them.

This new place is Johor Premium Outlets aka JPO is located at Kulaijaya in the Iskandar Malaysia zone. We took a cab from City Square and reached the place in half an hour. You may view a link here to get more information on getting there.

Lots of parking space!
The place is spacious, we saw lots of Singaporean queing outside Coach Outlet waiting to enter the boutique. Sales everywhere is ranging from 30% - 60%, wow the discounts are very attractive, who could resist them? LOL

I bought myself a Coach Bag, Pedro Shoes, Nike Polo Tee, Nike Backpack and some small items for Xmas gift exchange. The food was good and cheap, you can't get to eat the same food at the same price in Singapore.

We ate at a restaurant named Taang ShiFu. The ambience is good and they specialises in Herbal delicacy, some of the items they have are Herbal Chicken, Sharp Fin, Bird Nest, Scallops and Abalone mixed rice etc. The food is good and cheaper than Singapore.

Taang Shifu Restaurant

Dried Scallop and Petite Abalone Mixed Rice
Here are the ratings given by us:
1) Ambience: 4/5
2) Food: 4/5
3) Price: 4.5/5
4) Service: 1/5 (Slow service, we have to remind the staff many times to serve us drinks. There is no napkin served too)

This trip is fun! We spend the whole day shopping and eating, that night I am so tired and slept so well! We are planning to visit this place again next year when all the shops are open =)

P.S I think there is a shuttle bus that brings you from City Square to JPO to and fro, please check before you go ^.^


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  2. I see when you shop you shop for the good stuff. Happy to see you enjoying yourself.

  3. Hi. How much was the cab fare from city sq to the premium outlet?


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