Sunday, April 29, 2012

Preview of Wayneston Bears for Melbourne Bear Fair

Yes! The bears are all finally ready to rock! These are the latest creations specially created to bring to Melbourne bear fair, I will be bringing along my other creations as well.

Now that all is done, I got to prepare their COAs, swing tags and my namecards etc before the show! For the next few days I have to pack my luggage, change currency to Australia dollars and do a mockup display for the show. I am sure it's going to be fun!

Counting down 7 days to the Melbourne Bear Fair, see you there! =)
Hugs, Wayne


  1. Gosh you have been busy. Love all the new creations, wishing you all the best for the show. Have a wonderful time in Australia and safe journeying.

  2. They are all so sweet. You really have been so busy. Have a great trip.

  3. Thank you Wendy and Joanne for the well wishes =)


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