Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wayneston Bears is taking part in Teddies Worldwide Show!

Hi peeps! Wayneston Bears will be participating the the Teddies Worldwide - Friends of Teddy Online Show! The show starts on 13th July and ends on 15th July.

This show is unlike the previous online shows hosted by Teddies Worldwide; this time it's an animal show! As the name highlighted that it's a "Friends of Teddy" show, you will be expecting to see lots of soft cuddly animals besides bears. Personally I enjoy making animals so this is just the right show for me!

I love challenges and hope one day to create a zoo. If you any animals in mind that you would like me to make, do let me know, you might see them appearing as special guests in this show! =)


  1. Hi! congrats, Wayne! it's great that you take part in this show! I'm also taking part in it! ))

  2. Wishing you luck in creating new friends for show, I'm sure will be seeing some new creatures!
    all the best!

    1. Thanks Natalia, I have some new critters in mind, just can't wait to work on them!

  3. This is a perfect show for you, Wayne, since you love making bears and other animals. I think foxes are great, and your bunnies are really cute. I'm sure you will think of some wonderful animals. I look forward to the show!


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