Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's on my work desk?

I am currently working on 2 dragons, one peach and one green. The green has yellow mohair inset in his tummy, both colours are completely hand dyed and I really love the way he look. The 2 dragons are almost done, waiting for their felted lids and claws and I am planning to complete them by this week.

Sadly, the beautiful cyan mohair which I had dyed at the same time was too small to make a dragon, so I have to make something else with it. I will be working with it after the Melbourne Bear Fair.

We have 3 students attending the Bear Workshop last week, they were doing great! The bear heads are almost complete. They took some of the body parts home to sew and this coming Sunday they will learn to stuff and join their bears! Pictures of the workshop will be share here next week =)

We wish you a wonderful day @ work =)



  1. I can see two cute dragons coming up.

  2. Love the dyed colors, Wayne. The green is fabulous! Your dragons are wonderful! Hugs, Janice


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