Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wayneston Bears' Tea Party in Canada =)

My Canadian friend, Katie has generously sent me some pictures of her Wayneston Bears collection to share on my blog. These pictures are a gift for my birthday as well, they have really made my day!

I always wonder what happens to my bears after I sent them overseas to their new parents. Are they happy or lonely? Pictures from collectors have always make me happy knowing that they are doing well and enjoying their stay with new friends and parents.

Thank you so much Katie! I love these pictures! Prefect 10! =) 

The Prefect 10!
Left to Right (Humphrey, Jasper, Gabbi, Amber, Lucky, Alma, Little Jay, Baby Mocha and April)
Front (Harrison)

Baby Mocha and April

Baby Mocha is the birthday swap with Katie

Yeah! Nice to meet my siblings =)

Big Bear Hugs!


  1. What a wonderful tea party, they all look so happy sitting together, Earl Grey tea or Darjeeling do you think! Belated birthday greetings may 2012 be a very special year for you.

  2. It is always lovely to see family.

  3. What wonderful pictures! It is so nice to see the gang out having fun. They are all so cute.

  4. lovely bears, Wayne! Great!

  5. Thank you everyone! I hope one day I could join them and their new mum for tea! =)

  6. Bless you Wayne, you're always welcome to join us for a teddy bears picnic :D Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to own so many of your wonderful baby bears xx
    Big hugs to you xx


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