Friday, April 27, 2012

Wayneston Bears Banner is Ready!

I have collected our table banner today! This is specially make for my exhibitions and shows in Singapore and Overseas!

I designed this banner artwork with photoshop and sent it to my printer to print on PVC with eyelets. It has 6 eyelets in total, therefore it could be hang onto the ceiling, wall or table with cable ties, safetly pins or strings. The PVC material is good, it is water proof hence cleaning it is easy with a wet cloth.

Printing cost is cheap as well, this size which i have made (1700 x 500mm), only cost approximate 24USD! At such affordable price, I would even consider changing the design every year with new bears and backgrounds! =)

In the past I would just place a small photo frame with my logo on my table, however i think it's too small and not prominent. With this banner, I hope that visitors could find table easily.

We will be taking a night flight next Friday to Melbourne and touch down on Saturday morning. We will be having dinner with an Australian artist that day... Who is she? I am keeping this a secret now, she will be reveal after the show!

See you all on Sunday 6th May 2012.
@ Berwick Leisure Centre, 79 Manuka Rd, Berwick VIC

Bye now, I am in the midst of sewing a little critter and he will be ready this week.
Preview pictures will be ready soon!

Hugs, Wayne

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