Thursday, April 12, 2012

I hate getting old but I love my birthday swaps...

Yeah the birthday swaps have finally arrived. These are the gifts for my birthday this year and I think it's my best birthday ever!
Special thanks to Katie Fulford, Natalia Oelofse and Kelly Dauterman for these wonderful swaps, you have made me very happy =)

First swap was with a Canadian friend, Katie Fulford. Katie is very talented needle felting artist and a painter. You will be amazed by the intricate details of her felted critters on her Etsy Shop, I have a few of her critter in my collection and I would highly recommend her if you are considering getting an unique gift for your love ones.
This swap was prefect, I have always wanted a painting by her and she agreed, I was thrilled. I sent her Baby Mocha and look what I have got! Katie is generous! I only asked for one bird painting but she sent me 4! These are all beautifully handpainted with water colours, I am going to frame and hang them on my bedroom =)

"British Tawny Owl" by Katie Fulford
"Waiting for Spring" by Katie Fulford

Miniature Water Colour Painting - "Prince Edward Island Scene" by Katie Fulford
Miniature Water Colour Painting - "Prince Edward Island Lighthouse" by Katie Fulford

Printed Birthday Card, Kitten by Katie Fulford
Baby Mocha
The 2nd swap was with Natalia Oelofse, I sent her a Panda named Pandy. Natalia is a bear artist from South Africa, she is a teddy bear teacher and makes beautiful bears. You can see her creations on her blog here. Isabellina is what she has specially made for me and I really love her. If you have seen a few post ago on our Singapore Bear Lovers gathering, she has already met you =)

Thank you Natalia for making me this lovely bear.

Isabellina by Natalia Oelofse

The last swap was with one of my all time favourite artist, Kelly Dauterman. Does her name sounds familiar? Yes! I am the lucky winner that won her blog give-away 2 years ago =) I won a beautiful bear named Blue Moon and now I am a proud collector of her bears - In total I have 4 of her bears =)
Kelly makes cute, traditional styled bears, each has an unique personality in them. Kelly is very creative, beside bears you can often see some critters such as bunnies, mice, duckies, snowman and even pumpkin man! You can now pop by her blog here to see her charming bears.

Below is Jinan, a panda made by Kelly. In return for the swap, I sent her James.

Jinan by Kelly Dauterman (Blondheart)

Thank you everyone for the lovely swaps, this is really fun and I hope we could do this again for Christmas or next year's birthday. =)

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Wonderful swaps! Happy birthday, Wayne (^O^)

  2. Very fun! So glad you were able to swap with these artists. Such lovely pieces, all of them. Maybe someday Kelly will show me her Wayneston baby in person. :o)

  3. Happy Birthday Wayne! Stunning gifts, wishing all dreams come true!

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! You are such a lucky fellow. I love everything you swapped and swapped for. Such talented people in this world.


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