Friday, April 13, 2012

Goodies for my Hatch Day

Alright I am offically a year older by now, sad to accept that I am already in the late 20s :( I applied half day off from work yesterday to watched "The Hunger Game" movie yesterday with a friend, it was a 2.5 hours show and I am glad it was really nice, enjoyed every minute of it. This show is highly recommended, if you want to catch this better do it fast before it's no longer aired in the cinemas.
Every year I would buy myself a gift, as usual I order a bear but it was not ready in time. Hence, I bought myself another gift - A Fountain Pen.
Sailor PROCOLOR 500 Wisteria Violet Fountain Pen
I was introduced to join the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers (Facebook Group) last month by my design lecturer. This is a group for Singaporeans who love to use and collect fountain pens. I am impressed with the writing style, asthetics and the manufacturing process of these pens. Surprisingly, this group were young in their 20s - 50s. Some of them are gurus, they have even gone to the stage of grinding the pen nibs, mixing their ink and mastering Copperplate Calligraphy.

This is a gift from my Cousin who just came back from Japan. It's a kit to make needle felted lambs. Isn't this cute? Guess what? The write up were all in Japanese and I couldn't undertand a single word! LOL. Anyway, I could still make them with my regular needle felting techniques when I have more time after the Melbourne Bear Show.

A very special present arrived yesterday! It was from my special friend, Joanne. It was a piece of beautiful Grey Faux Fur (My favourite colour!), a vintage book on making stuffed toys and a funny, lovely birthday card. Thank you Joanne for making my birthday extra special! =)

I want to thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes and the lovely comments =)
Have a great day!

Hugs, Wayne


  1. Lovely goodies, looking forward to see woolies transformation into stunning animals.

  2. Love your new pen Wayne, it is really beautiful. I bet you will get lots of use out of it. The lambs are very cute too.

    So glad you like the book and the fur.

    Happy Birthday!


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