Friday, February 10, 2012

Basic Bear Making Supplies - Part 1

Here are some of the basic sewing materials that I would highly recommend for bear making. For friends in Singapore, you may find these basic sewing materials in Art Friend or Spot Light.
Here are just some of the neccessary tools, I will share more again later :)

Birch Sewing Needles
I have been using Birch Sewin Needles since the day I started making bears. They are REALLY REALLY GOOD! These needles are very strong and they would rust easily. Each of these needles could last you for more than a year, in fact I have been using the same needles for more than 2 years! I only change them when they turn black due to my sweaty palms. The long one on top is also Birch, it's a doll needle - good for needle sculpting and setting for glass eyes. You can get these from Spot Light at Plaza Singapore.

Guterman Thread
Gutermann thread is the best sewing thread I ever use. They are very strong and I believe most artist uses them. Usually I cut a long piece about more than an arm's length, insert it into the needle then fold into half and tied a knot then I start sewing with backstitches. You can get these from Art Friend or Spot Light.

Nylon or Polyester Thread
These 2 rolls of Nylon thread is what I use for closing seams and needle sculpting. They are very strong and if you pull them really hard, it will cut your fingers :x
My friend bought from me when they visit bear shops in other countries, so I am not really sure where to get these, maybe you can get from online bear supplies shop. I am still looking around in Singapore to see where can I bought similar thread like this.

Binder Clips
What are these? Why am I using Binder Clips??? These binder clips are use to clip both pieces of fabric together when sewing. These keeps the fabric in position so that it doesn't shift or stretch when you sew. Many artists are using round head pins to secure when sewing but this works better for me. You have to try it yourself to know what works best for you :)

Polyfill is used by most artist to stuff their bears. They are also known as polyester fibers belonging to the family of plastics. They are water proof, easy to work with, heavy and most important of all - free from insects :) You can buy this from Spot Light or use the polyfill from brand new pillow cases.

I am working on a One-piece design now, he is looking good. Tomorrow I will share some pictures of his WIP. Do come back again tomorrow :) Good nite!


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