Sunday, February 19, 2012

Speed Dating? No Joke!

I accompanied a friend to attend a Speed Dating dinner event on Friday night at Absolute Thai at Marina. This is my first time attending such an event like this. Both of us are singles, I am actually not looking for a girlfriend, just join because the organiser is having a Valentine's Day Special - $25 off so I decided to give it a try...

The place was crowded, in total there were more than 70 singles that night. We were shock because we were only expecting a small group of 40 people, I guess the special promotion really did work out for the organiser.

This is how we started. First we register after that the organiser will bring you to your seat with a lady sitting opposite and alternate to you. I was placed on a square table for 4 with 2 ladies then a man beside me... it feels awkward... the conversation doesn't click to me at all, luckily my friend came to my rescue and bought me to her table which was long that could accommodate 16 people. (LESSON LEARNT - Be there early so that you can choose the the seats. Always choose the long table so you get to chat with more people.)

We were given a piece of paper with menu and "what to do" written on it. I ordered Phai Thai Noodles and my friend ordered Pineapple Fried Rice. Comment for the food? - Horrible...
Those who were sitting on my table who ate the Pineapple Rice only finish half, it was soggy and dry. My Phai Thai wasn't fantasic either, it's dry and sticky... I think that is the worst Phai Thai I ever ate :X
(LESSON LEARNT - Never order sticky food or soup? I find that the Phai Thai Noodle is difficult to eat because it's too sticky and might give a bad impression to the others)

On my row, come along another 3 man in their 30's. They are very confident and sociable, I think they are what most women look for. After dinner, the ladies were been break into 10 groups and the guys were to move to each table to interact with ladies every 12 minutes. The ratio for Ladies to Men on that night was approximately 2:1...
As this is my first time attending such "Dating" event, I am nervous (I wasn't prepared for my introduction etc). Luckily my group of guys that moves along with me were vocal and playful, they started breaking the ice easily for us to have fun chat with the ladies. The ladies and the guys in the event were in their 30's - 40's... Sadly to say I am having a hard time chatting with them... they see me like a small boy LOL

The occupation of the ladies were mostly (Adminstrators, Auditors, Property Agents, Teachers and one of them is Psychiatrist (WOW!) When we were been asked to introduce ourselves and our occupation, I told them that I am a graphic design and an artist... sadly - none of them were interested/impressed :( WHAT IS WRONG WITH US??? Anyway I am glad that 2 of the ladies in their 30's on the event were nice to me, they even asked for my namecard to see my bears' blog... (Oppss they might be reading this)...

Any strange men or ladies we encountered? YES! There is this lady at her 40's - 50's which seems rude - Before we sat down... the first question she thrown to us was "What's your occupation and which company are you working at?" I think she is too direct... even though all of the ladies asked the same questions but it goes with the flow and was in a more polite manner. Anyway this particular lady was a complete shut off for all the guys and none of us bother to chat with her LOL...
On my friends's table, she told me that there is this old man that passed the row of ladies his mobile, wanting them to key in their contact numbers before the conversation. RUDE! He did not even ask if the ladies want to give him. Of course none of them has given their contact to this man.

In conclusion, that night was a weird, awkward, fun event I ever had. Maybe it will be my first and last time joining as the age group seems to be much older than I expected. Ladies like my friend who is looking for a partner in their 30's (Someone is more mature, has high earning power and ready to settle down) can join this event.

I guess that I might just have to hug onto my bears for another few more years... We shall see...LOL



  1. lol! you sure it's an accompanying your friend? so how? your friend managed to get a 2nd date? :P
    sound so bad sia...really so jialat meh? I thought it's pretty good event...i heard lotsa nice stories one leh...

  2. it sounds interesting to say the least. At least you can have a funny story to tell from now on. I'm surprised they weren't at least a little interested in you being an artist, but then again the demographic was different. Hope it wasn't to awkward for you.

  3. hehehe, it sounds very interesting and I read the whole post with a smile on my face, I just cant imagine you at this kind of event. When you are ready to find a girlfriend, come over to the UK and I will find one for you ;-)

  4. Hahaha,thanks for the funny comments! Melanie thanks for the offer! I shall consider! :p

  5. I'm laughing, Wayne! I can just picture you "tagging along" and trying to make sense of all of this! One would hope that at least the food would be good but even that didn't seem to work! Oh well, you would never know unless you tried! LOL! Hugs, Janice

  6. I have attended a few speed dating events before and have meet a lot of guys.

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