Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who do I spend my V'day with?

Seriously it's nothing special for me, it's just another normal day. I went back home after work in the evening, have my dinner with my mum and siblings after that...SEWING.

Sometimes I wonder if girls would really appreciate/like a guy that do sewing... most girls I knew would like to have a more sporty boyfriend. I am just too homey *_*

How wonderful..... I drawn a new puppy design 2days ago and started sewing the inner legs. It's going to be another OPD, I am hoping that he will turn out well.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on Jiro, they mean a lot to me.

One of my friend told me today that her boyfriend took her for dinner at a coffee shop for V'day. She is disappointed that there are no roses and she has to pay for her own bill... what a joke...
I might not be a romantic guy but all this sounds wrong to me. If you want to have a more economical way to spend on this special occasion, why not cook a homemade dinner specially for her perhaps with 2 candle lights?

When you Happy, everyday is just like a V'day! The happiest moment which I have weekly is the moment when a new critter is born and reading the comments from facebook friends, followers from blogs and the hive. These small little actions makes me very contented.

The sewing is almost complete yesterday and I'll be stuffing tonight.
Cya later :)



  1. It sounds like a good day to me, Wayne! Food with family and sewing afterwards! I am sorry for your friend, maybe you should talk to her boyfriend and tell him how it's supposed to be done! LOL! By the way, my Sister's husband made teddy bears right along with her, so some women like men who sew! xoxo, Janice

  2. Special girls appreciate guys who sew. I'm glad you were with loving family, plus designing a wonderful creature.

  3. I don't mind guys who can't sew or create toys (it would be a plus if they do!), but the least is for them to be able to appreciate the crafts.

    Spending V day home with family is nothing wrong. V day is not only for lovers; it's for your loved ones. :)

    Can't wait to see your next creation.

  4. LOL. Thanks for the comment everyday. Glad to have all of you around throwing in comments and these makes me giggle :)

  5. I think you have also had a very nice Valentine's Day. I do think that this is one holiday that is over emphasized. It is a day pushed by the card companies to help them make money. You should treat your loved ones special everyday I think.

    I think you are wrong about girls liking guys that are more sporty. Some girls maybe, you just haven't found the right one. I married a writer, not a bit of sportiness in him. I always went for the artistic creative types.

    Until you find your one true love it is nice that you have an interest that keeps you so happy.


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