Monday, February 6, 2012

New monkey name Chappy

I am in love with my creations more and more, day after day. They able to communicate with me, they told me the way they want to look like, how much stuffings onto their bodies and the proportions in them. I can feel that I am getting better with this art and still proud to be a teddy bear artist.

I grew up with a soft toy monkey when I was a child, he was my companion. One day my mum sent him for washing and clipped him onto the window then a strong wind blew him away and I cried for many days. Till today I still misses him :(

Today, I am delighted to introduce my latest Monkey named Chappy. He is 8 inches tall made of very soft Japanese Alpaca. I am very very very happy with him :) His arms, legs and tail has wire armature as well. I love the way he sits, he has a wired spine which allows him to lay back and sit lazily, playing with him is so much fun!

Chappy is now available for adoption on my website.


  1. This monkey is so adorable Wayne!! As you know I am a huge fan of monkeys. I love Chappy!


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