Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WIP - New Pup

After receiving lots of positive feedbacks on my bull dog Jiro, I am now working another new pup. This little pup I am working on is a Welsh Terrier and I am suppose to use long pile fur to make it look like one, however I have no idea what I am thinking while cutting... I choose a piece of golden short dense pile mohair to make him instead. Guess what? He has now become a puppy which I have no idea what breed he is... can anyone help me name his breed? Mix-breed? LOL

Anyway along the process of making this little chap here is really fun, he is full wire armatured on the head, neck, spine, tail and 4 legs. Heavily weighted with glass beads, crushed garnets and polyfill! I am in love with him!

He is almost done, I am now hoping to find a suitable collar and a name for him. A name from you would be deeply appreciated! I will take some nice photos this weekend then he will be all ready to find a good home, I shall keep him with me for a few more days :)

Here are some of the WIP pictures.

OK..Daddy sewn and stuff me up!

Sometimes I think daddy is a plastic surgeon... he is going to perform a nose job for me... OUCH!

One of Daddy's most time consuming process and work is needle sculpting paws

My Lazy Pose! =P

See how nice is my nose job... shsssshhh please don't tell anyone that my nose is fake -.-


  1. OoH, this little fellow is totally cute! I'd name him Buddy, and I'll take him on walks!

  2. I think he is the loveable Heinz variety. He is a darling.


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