Friday, February 3, 2012

Wayneston Bears is featured on TBR April Issue! =D

Great news! We are featured on the April Issue of Teddy Bear Review, USA!

It has been a honour to be featured 2nd time for the year 2012 on this prestigious magazine. Thank you so much Teddy Bear Review! :)

The article talks about several artists' plan for the year 2012. The different approach / strategies of artists tackling the hard times of economy downturn and some creations that could be foreseen in this upcoming year. I mentioned about making a Dragon for the new year on the magazine... this write up was sent last year before Christmas when I haven't even thought of the design! I am glad that I have kept my promise and accomplished it =)

There are many wonderful pictures in this issue, my friend Joanne is also featured on the same article as well, you should go take a look at her beautiful pandas, I am sure they melt your heart =)

Reading this magazine today really made my day, now i got my mojo back into bear making, time for some BEAR MAKING ADVENTURE!!! ROAR~

Look! My bear, Barney is seating right there =>

Dazzel my panda is featured on this page!

My friend, Joanne Livingston's pandas are featured on the left :)
Happy reading!



  1. Blogs need a "like" button I think. Congratulations on the two nice bears pictured. And thank you for helping me with my pandas. I am glad they kept that part in the article.

  2. Great to hear the mojo is back! I will have to get mine going too!!!
    Have had a lovely school holiday with Elkie ;)xx

  3. Congrats, Wayne! Wonderful news!
    Hugs, Janice

  4. Thank you so much everyone! Yipppeee! :)

  5. How exciting, Wayne! I love that they are featuring you and your darling creations. :o)


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