Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Lost Opportunity

In life, there are many opportunities waiting for you only when you are prepare for it. So when the right moment comes CATCH IT!

Last week, I checked my spam mail inbox and realised that I have missed an interview by one of the Singapore Magazine. The email was sent about 3 weeks ago and they found me from one of the design website. Lesson learnt... always check your junk/spam mailbox.

Today I have received another enquiry from someone in Canada wanting to distribute of one of my product design but it wouldn't work. That product was a a Baby Milk Maker which was designed for my school final year project in 2005, it was a concept and prototype that was never actualise. I could remember that someone approaching me about manufacturing it when I am having my final year exhibition in our school Atrium. That time I wasn't interested and turn down because I am serving the army after graduation, now come to think of it, I might have lost a great opportunity.

There is no point crying over spilt milk. I am consistantly preparing myself for the next opportunity to come.
Now right, this year I hope to spend more time creating new designs, improving my skills and learn new techniques, participating in more overseas Teddy Bear Shows. I know that if I work hard, I will get there - to become a great Toy Designer :)


  1. Sounds a little bit like my life - filled with lots of lost opportunities. But it is said that when one passes you by another will take it's place - so I am sure you will have plenty more in the near future.

  2. Tracey thanks for the encouragement :) Good luck to both of us!

  3. Wayne, I feel that everything that happens is for a reason, so please don't feel too bad about missing that opportunity. It could be that your next opportunity will be even better and you will have new designs that you will be thrilled to be able to share! I would love to see you at a teddy bear show here in the U.S.!!! Hugs, Janice


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