Monday, February 27, 2012

What should I do?

Today I went to my manager's room to inform her of my one week trip to Melbourne in May. To my surprise, she disapprove my trip... She told me that will be a major event which requires ALL STAFFS to come back to work in May and she cannot confirm which date as instructions have not been given by the upper management yet.

I told her I have already purchased 4 adult tickets and tickets for an exhibition (I didn't let anyone know that I am participating in a bear show). She asked me to call the agent to ask for a refund or change the trip to another date. I am really disappointed, my main aim of visiting Melbourne is to participate in a bear show, I don't find any point of visiting there if there isn't a show and what is worst is that I even paid the table fee for the show last week. I purchased the flight tickets online and not through an agent so refund for the tickets and table fee is uncertain, this makes me really mad...

What comes to my head immediately was to submit my resignation letter if my leave has been disapproved. I know that most people would say that I am crazy, but I am really serious in this matter. Sadly I have to say, I left my first job (I love the job and have been working for 3yrs) last year because one of my colleages backstabbed and told my boss about my bears and online shop etc... we had an agruement over this, he disagree of me spending time making bears and earning extras... so I decided to leave the company and continue to pursue my dream and passion.

I am hoping and praying that I can still go to the Melbourne trip. My manager says if the event does not fall on the same dates I can go for my trip, but when will I know? I am worried :( If you were on my shoes what would you do?



  1. Hi Wayne, your boss sounds very unreasonable asking you to cancel your trip when she doesn't even know yet if it will coincide with the busy time she talks of?
    Sounds like she is putting you in your place just to make a point that you have given something else priority over work.
    I think if she is a reasonable person then she should accept that your tickets and plans have been made and paid on this occasion and let you go on your trip. You will always know to arrange it with her before you ever book time off again. Don't cancel anything, I'd wait and see if the time she would have needed you falls at the same time as your trip then see how you feel about it then. I would ultimately say follow your heart and passion and stick with the bears but that's easy for me to say as I don't have to pay your bills.
    I hope things work out and you can happily take your trip! Good luck Wayne :0)

  2. I feel for you so much. No one can advise you; you know your financial situation and the probability of getting work again.
    Just wait and see what happens, there might be another show you could go to.
    Hugs kay

  3. Thank you Eden and Kay, because I applied for the leave I asked around my colleages and none of them stop me. It's just bad luck if I can't cancel the trip or refund.

    I will have to wait to see what happens in mid-march.

  4. I had no idea that you left your last job over your bears. I am having a difficult time understanding why any company should have a problem with what you do with your spare time.
    Keep faith that it will all work out.

  5. Hi Wayne

    Sorry about this you been looking so forward to it. I get a feeling that your boss probably knows about your bears and blog and probably angry that you did not ask for leave before broadcasting your trip on your blog. The bottom line is power on her side and probably jealousy that you are so talented and sucessful.

    If I were you I would go to my union for advice.

    All the best


  6. Wayne I agree with everyone here. I have no idea why your last boss should have a problem with you working on your bears or even why your new boss seems so unreasonable. I am sending you big hugs and hope everything works out for you x x x


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