Friday, February 10, 2012

WIP - One Piece Design

One of my resolution this year is to learn how to create a One-Piece Design. What is OPD? It means that the bear/animal has no joints - their head, arms and legs are part of the body. Like most soft toys available in the market are OPD, they just sit stills in one positon like a hard sculpture.

To make a moveable OPD you can consider adding skeletions inside the body to make it move. Skeletons can be wire armature or loc-lines. However, to make the OPD moves, it's a tricky process - you got to trial and error on your first few designs to study the amount of tolerance space needed for the skeleton to move.

Right now for this case, I am experimenting on a little pup this week. Yesterday night I have finish sewing the whole body and flipped it inside out. Looking at the amount of space in between the legs, I think an armature might not work at all. I hope he can be completed this week and I'll share with you later.


Side view of the pup before turning

This is his frontal view, looks ugly isn't it? :p

Ah... looking good after turning. He is not stuffed yet!

Here's the front view


  1. Looking Soooo Cute Wayne! Love to see him finished!!

  2. Oh he is awesome. You worked it out well. I am in the process of trying to work on plushies - so ones pieces too so they can be for babies as well as big kids.


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